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103 articles since June 3rd 2011

Dragon's Tale is a Casino MMORPG, a 3D world filled with novel games of chance, Tournaments and games of skill.

In most MMORPGs, you level up by engaging in combat. In Dragon's Tale, you increase your Level by successfully completing challenging quests requiring both skill and luck based wagers.

If you're just getting started, here's some important links for you:

  • IMPORTANT! Currently there is a 25ksat fee to withdraw from Dragon's Tale. Factor this in when you decide to deposit or withdraw your winnings.

Please keep in mind that Dragon's Tale, like many MMOs is an online community and as such you should try to remain civil and polite to better fit in with the experienced players that can offer useful advice.

One of the first things you should do upon logging in for the first time is to introduce yourself in chat and ask one of the experienced players to be your mentor and assist you in learning the game.

As of Jan 26, 2013 DT has had over 61,900 BTC cashed out and 382,000 BTC of bets wagered.

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