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Scouting for herbs is free but you must now be level 3+ to be able to pick them. If you are below level 3 and you locate an herb, say "herb" in public chat and someone who is level 3+ will come and pick it. Most people will tip at least 50% of the value of the herb for finding it for them. Do not leave the herb until it has been picked or someone else can claim it and get the tip!


  • Herbs can be found scattered around the non-governed islands in various places, usually hidden among other plants, tree, etc.
  • You can find herbs all over the non-governed islands. There are no herbs on Ying Wu Dao, Bai She Dao, Jing Hou Dao, or Niu Dao.
  • The secret to finding herbs is to learn the terrain for each island, then look for plants that are "out of place" (i.e. they weren't there before).
  • Herbs can be 1ksat to 10btm each, with a total value of approximately 5btm spawning each day across all the herb islands.

(Please edit this article to include any tips or strategy for herb finding, also please screen shot and upload any pictures of herbs you find to add to here)

  • Unconfirmed - no picture yet and unknown value.
    • Blood Blossom | Blushing Blossom | Camel Mint (possibly 50ksat) | Deadly Catsclaw | Ice Blossom )

Note: This is not how herbs were always played. For those interested, see also: Herb spawn rate cost/return analysis and Old herb spawn rate analysis



NOTE: The values shown in the pictures are old values (i.e. the pictures are old). The correct value of the herbs is as indicated at the top of the section.

1 ksat

2 ksat

4 ksat

10 ksat

20 ksat

50 ksat



10 BTM

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